Saturday, January 5, 2013

And So It Began

January 1, 2013

Dear Reader,

It seems somehow appropriate that a new venture begin today and so bear with me as I stumble on. The day began with no hint of this undertaking, although friend Shan was trying to make an appointment with one Bruce Roth. He was a known blogger, a former resident of the community, who had indicated a willingness to share some of his information and expertise on blogging with two neophytes. The time was set for 11:00 this morning at the Mt. Horeb Area Historical Society (MHAHS) Archives that are housed on the 3rd floor of the Mt. Horeb municipal building on Main St.

The more Bruce told of his genealogical activity and as he demonstrated and described what was involved in blogging, the more both of us became convinced that it may be just the ticket for the MHAHS. The society has just initiated a new web site and continues to seek ways to make it a pro-active resource for genealogists and those seeking info on local history. After thanking Bruce for his help, and an afternoon of mulling it over, it was decided that Shan was going to venture forth and see what could be done for the MHAHS.

I also decided to explore this blogging thing for my own personal family genealogy effort which Shan has been helping with for about a year and a half now. And so ended the day. . . and began the Glaeve Genealogy Journal

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  1. Hey Gerry,

    Nice start, the best way to do this is to just dive in, and that is what you did. There will be trials and tribulations (and a learning curve) but in the end, the effort is well-worth it. Best Wishes ...