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More about the Glaeves in (West St. Paul)


Reynold Otto Glaeve: Personal time-line
· 1917 Birth June 22, Cass Lake, Hubbard Cnty MN
          Lora Amelia Glaeve dies October 24, 1917
· 1922, Age 5 The family moves off the farm to town of Cass Lake   

· 1925, Age 8 The family moves to (West) St. Paul MN. 
· 1925-1926, grade 3 at Crowley Elementary

Reynold's Confirmation Photo

· 1926-1931, grade 4-8 at Emanuel School

    Martha Lydia Glaeve dies Dec 23, 1929  Age 16
· 1931 -1932  Roosevelt Jr. High School
         Martin Glaeve dies April 2, 1934 Age 20
· 1933-1934 Vocational High School
The family first lived on South Robert Street.  It was named after Captain Louis Robert, a French voyageur and later river boat captain who plied his stern-wheelers on the Mississippi River between St. Louis and St. Paul.  The street was paved in 1923 from Annapolis down to Arion.  The remainder was paved shortly thereafter.  And then in August of 1926 the new Robert Street Bridge opened and the street soon became the main business and recreational venue for the West Side.

Travel would have been primarily by streetcar. The old horse drawn cars were replaced in 1921 by the new electric ones. The Robert Street line stopped down at the corner and, with a few transfers, you could make it all the way to Excelsior and the Glen Lake Sanitorium. 



Reynold Otto Glaeve
diploma from Emanuel Luther School



Dad went to Roosevelt Junior High School, at 150 East Congress Street, from 1931-1932.  We know that Martha was also in attendance and assume that Martin attended as well. This postcard shows the building with students ca. 1930.

The choice for high school was between Humboldt High or Boys Vocational School.  He chose "Vocational" and I know he was happy with the machinist training he received during the years 1932-1934.  The new building which opened in 1923, was at 651 Jackson between Jackson and Robert.  It was across the street from Mechanic Arts High School.  The street car probably stopped at the corner, but most likely he walked when he could, to save the nickel.

He lost his big brother Martin in 1934.  One more loss for the family to endure.

We know little about Martin, other than his vital statistics. We are happy to have these two photographs taken after the family moved to St. Paul. 

    Birth: 1914  Kingsbury Co., South
Death:   April 2, 1934  Age: 20, (West) St. Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota 

   Burial: Riverview Cemetery, (West) St. Paul


Martin is buried beside his sister Martha in Riverside Cemetery. At a later date his older sister Marie, was also buried next to him.

Riverview Cemetery is located in St. Paul. It is just across the street from West St. Paul (Dakota County). It is East of Robert Street  and on Annapolis Street the border between St. Paul and West St. Paul.


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